The Department of Texas has an amazing program for Texas schools, universities, businesses, towns, cities, and counties.  If you would like to recognize the sacrifices made by our combat wounded soldiers in Texas, we would like to talk to you!

Texas is a Purple Heart State



HCR56 Recognizing Texas as a Purple Heart State -signed by Governor May 29, 2017

RESOLVED, That the 85th Legislature of the State of Texas hereby recognize Texas as a Purple Heart State and encourage agencies and government bodies at all levels to serve veterans with the same degree of devotion demonstrated by members of the armed forces in their service to our state and nation; and, be it further


RESOLVED, That the Texas Legislature hereby designate February 22 as Purple Heart Day. 

HIGHLIGHTS: The Texas Rangers - the first Purple Heart Baseball Club.  At an event held on 15 August 2017, The Texas Rangers Ball Club became the first Purple Heart Baseball Club - with the help of 100 Purple Heart Recipients, all members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. The group was comprised of some local and others who traveled to Texas, from all over the United States to recognize the support of the Texas Rangers, and to enjoy the game!.

HIGHLIGHTS: The dedication of KWTX-TV as a Purple Heart TV station, the monument was dedicated on July 7th, 2017.  KWTX-TV is the nationals first Purple Heart Television Station.  The glossy monument is position in front of the station.  Department of Texas Chapter 1876 and Ladies Auxiliary petitioned the national organization to honor KWTX.